Are you looking to buy any kind of products? With the advent of online shopping and e-commerce, all kinds of businesses are shifting their operations online. Millions of dollars exchange hands every day through online shopping, leaving both the buyers and the sellers satisfied. Online shopping through The Habesha Web has made the lives of both the buyers and sellers easier; the buyers do not have to go physically to purchase items they like and similarly, sellers do not have to set up physical stores and hence, save a lot on the selling costs. From clothes to jewelry, phone cards to [...]

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Where do you start looking for a job? Technology has massively transformed every single aspect of our lives. Just like all other industries, it has also changed the way people used to search for jobs and apply for them. It’s clearly not easy going hunting for jobs in this competitive economy. The challenges that await job-seekers can often be unprecedented. The Habesha Web helps its users in this regard in such a way that it provides the latest jobs on its Jobs Portal for unemployed as well as already employed job-seeking candidates using the platform. The Habesha Web provides a [...]

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Finding an employees is hard, and getting harder all the time. In today’s modern era, science and technology have converted the whole world into a small digital community where people are more closer to each other than they ever were. In fact, business owners are now using the internet to take care of their major tasks. One major task, entrepreneurs are using the internet for these days, is the hiring of people. The Habesha Web is one such website where employers come to hire people for their particular jobs. Using online recruiting options such as the Habesha Web can help [...]




The Habesha Web provides a complete online entertainment solution for and from the Habesha Community. The Entertainment section of our website consists of various categories which our users can use to entertain themselves and lighten their mood on a stressful workday or a relaxing weekend. All the content present on the website can be easily streamed, provided you have a good internet connection. Entertainment content relating to the Habesha culture and the community, in general, can also be found here! Besides viewing the online content, the Habesha Web also allows its users to submit original content to the website, which [...]



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