The Habesha Web is the very first and the largest online platform designed as a gateway to all the business, entertainment, social, and marketing needs of the Habesha Community. While this platform is aimed at helping the Habesha Community living in the US to understand and effectively interact with the US culture in their daily lives, it is open to each and every person living within the United States of America.

Since this online business website is relatively fresh right now, at this stage The Habesha Web covers the whole of the United States of America for all its services, although some of the online services are available in other parts of the world as well. We are working on extending our business operations to other major regions of the globe including Europe, Africa, U.A.E., U.K., etc. and would start providing all the online services there very soon. All the business and entertainment services we provide are listed as different categories on our Website. Some major categories and the areas they are operating in are discussed briefly as follows.

Selling & Purchasing Products

The Habesha Web provides e-commerce services to its users through its buying and selling page. This is the place where sellers can list their products – new as well as used, along with all the relevant details, and potential buyers who view the page can buy them online. We provide only product listing and purchasing service online and the delivery of the product is the responsibility of the seller. Sellers from all over the world can sell their products on the Habesha Web.

Job Opportunities

The Jobs page of the Habesha Web allows employers to post job openings and the users of the website can apply to them by providing their details online. This page of the website caters to only people living within the US. We accept jobs for listing which are based in the US so the applicants automatically need to be located in here so that they can work easily.


Room or apartment renting services are also available within the US. The property listed for renting out must be located within the US and the person applying for it must also be based in the US. All the cities and states get covered under this service.

Business Listing

The Habesha Web provides its users with an online platform where they can list their business to create an online presence. Both product and service industries are welcome to use this service and carry out their business online via our website.
This service is also currently available for businesses based in the US but we plan to extend this project to other countries. Soon the business listing service will be available in other major regions of the world as well.


The entertainment channel of the website features the latest news, trending stories, movies and fresh music mostly from the Habesha Community. This page can be used from all over the world. Users from all over the world can also submit original entertainment content to be published on the website. Since the Habesha Web is designed specifically for the Habesha Community, most of the entertainment content present here is from and about the Habesha people.