The Habesha Web provides its users with all kinds of entertainment under a single virtual roof. We also have your off-net entertainment needs figured out. Under the Events section of our website, you can find out info about the latest events happening near you and decide where you want to spend your next vacation with your loved ones. You can look for parties, festivals, and even concerts. Interestingly, the Habesha Community loves to portray its culture through different events, so if you want a first-hand experience of the Habesha Culture, you can even find their traditional and cultural events on the Website.

Other than entertainment events, we have religious events, social gatherings, and fundraisers, etc. This part of our website promotes all events aimed at helping people from the Habesha Community grow and develop in the US.

Since the Habesha Web is the first and the largest online hub for the Habesha Community where they come to support each other in their businesses, we cater to both the event organizers and the attendees. We try to connect both the ticket sellers and the buyers in such a way that local business gets promoted and both the parties leave completely satisfied. The Events page of the website is divided into two sections for the event buyers and the attendees respectively. Both of these are discussed briefly as follows.

Promote Events

Organizing an event is not everyone’s job. There are a million efforts which go behind organizing one successful event. While the intent behind organizing the event may be to promote a certain thing or just to make money, the way the organizers choose to promote the event can have a serious role in deciding how successful that event is going to be. If your brand as an organizer is yet to be seen by the public, you need to put all your efforts into the promotion. This will help you build your reputation as a brand and help in making the following events even better.

The Habesha Web understands all the struggles that go behind promoting an event and hence provides an online platform for all the event organizers to come and promote their events. They can provide us with all the details and we will list their event in the Events section of our website. Event organizers can even sell their tickets online through our website. One thing to keep in mind is that the Habesha Web will only sell the tickets online. The delivery will be the responsibility of the seller.

Purchase Tickets

After browsing through a list of events on our website, you’ve finally decided to go to an event? But are unsure if you can find time to actually go and purchase the tickets before they run out? We have that figured out too. You can purchase tickets for all the events listed on the website whether they be parties, a Habesha Cultural Festival, or even a concert. You can find them all online and make the purchase by paying online, right from your home. This way the ticket will come to you instead of you going to purchase the ticket in-person.